Code Generator for Google Play & iTunes (giveaway?)


In today’s fast moving world smartphones became one of the most important things in our life. Smartphones and applications are very related things. For example, if you own an Android phone, you should already know what is Google Play store, and if you are a user of Apple iPhone, iTunes is the store you also already know. Google Play and iTunes are the biggest stores for apps, games, movies, songs online. And it is an official store, so newest apps can be found only here, furthermore they are also legitimate and safe to use.

Google Play gift card codes, as well as iTunes, are very popular these times. They are very easy to get and to use it for getting premium apps for free. I have found one very good and professional website, that has created their own unique gift card codes generator:

Even a kid could use these generators because it is so easy. Just open the generator page and click to generate the code. After few seconds, the tool will connect to the Google or iTunes server and then will provide you working code. To redeem the code just go to the official store and enter the 12 digit code.

Usually, I use gift card codes for the apps that are paid and not free. Another way to use codes – as a gift for your friend or family member. I found that paid apps are better quality and have more functions.

Google Play store has a bigger number of apps and games. In the other hand, iTunes contains more songs and movies to download.

Good news is that you can get all the paid applications, games, movies and songs for free using the online gift card code generator. Thousands of people every day use gift cards for Google or Apple stores, so why don’t you try also? By the way, I should inform you that you can generate only 5 codes per day. But trust me, that is enough.

Great applications are so addictive that can be even dangerous. Games take your valuable time and you become not so productive as you could be.

Games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale are very interesting and addictive. You could play them all day long and don’t get bored. – is another cool game you should try.

I hope that this article was helpful for you and you will understand how easy is to get gift card codes.